5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Expert Tips To Keep Your Home Warm During The Winter

While California winters are usually far less extreme than their summers, the temperature can still drop down to uncomfortable levels. Beyond that, most homes are built to endure high heat and are not necessarily equipped for low or freezing temperatures. It can be tempting to just turn the heat dial up a few degrees, but that can lead to outrageous energy bills and only temporary comfort. Numerous factors go into heating and cooling a home, so some of these may not all apply to everyone. With that in mind, the Experts at Grizzly HERS Testing have created 5 effective ways to stay warm this winter without spending a fortune.

Cost-Effective Winter Heating Options

  • Dense Curtains and Window Coverings
  • Open and Close Curtains Throughout The Day
  • Throw Rugs For Hard Flooring
  • HVAC Vent Openings and Filters
  • Clothing and Blankets

Dense Curtains and Window Coverings

One of the most simple and effective ways to maintain a comfortable temperature in a home is with thick, durable curtains. The curtains act as a barrier, keeping in warm air and reducing the number of chilly breezes from the windows.

For windows that are rarely used there are a number of different products available for temporarily sealing off or covering the glass. These products will make a huge difference by not allowing outside air in, however the window cannot be opened without removing the plastic or covering.

Open and Close Curtains Throughout The Day

One of the best aspects of living in California is the sunny days and beautiful weather. Luckily for those living here, the sun’s heat is readily available even during the winter. Make the most of this by opening curtains on the windows directly facing the sunlight. Also, keep curtains closed on all windows not in the direct sunlight.

Throw Rugs For Hard Flooring

As it is with many homes in California, tile and wood flooring is a popular option. While there are tons of benefits to each type of flooring, it can be a challenge to keep them warm during the winter. A few well-placed rugs can make a huge difference! While the rugs will not actually warm the floor, they help insulate the home and provide a barrier for your feet. Beyond the benefits, rugs are a nice addition to the aesthetics of most rooms in a house.

HVAC Vent Openings and Filters

It’s a good idea to investigate your home and ensure none of the HVAC openings is in any way obstructed. Make sure all furniture is far enough away from any vent as well, as fabric couches and chairs can absorb the airflow. It is also best to leave all vents in the HVAC system open, even in rooms that are rarely used. The system is designed to heat your entire home and closing off vents can disrupt the balance and cause the system to be inefficient.
On top of ensuring the vents have free airflow, replacing the HVAC filter is another way to improve the efficiency of the HVAC system. The air needs to move freely through the ducts, especially during peak usage.

Clothing and Blankets

When researching the options available for heating a home it can be easy to overlook the most important element, you! It’s amazing what a good pair of house slippers can do when it comes to regulating body temperature. Instead of turning the temperature up or using the space heater, break out the old comfy sweaters and sweatpants. Add a blanket or two to your favorite lounging spots in the house as well, and you’ll be less likely to rack up high energy bills.

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