What is a HERS Rater?

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What is a HERS Rater?

A HERS Rater is a specialized inspector who is certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC). Before a Rater can become certified, they must go through an education process where an approved HERS provider verifies training and testing. HERS Raters must pass both a written and field exam before they can become certified by that provider.

Currently, Calcerts and Cheers are the only two HERS providers approved by the CEC. Also, a HERS rater is required to stay up-to-date on the current code and will be required to take an update course for each code cycle. This is to ensure the Rater has an adequate understanding of the energy code and will be able to answer any questions a client may have.

Furthermore, a Rater scheduled for any project must be an independent third party and must not be an employee of the builder or installing contractors. The HERS Rater is required to be certified in the scope of work they are hired for. Residential alterations is the most common certification. However, there is also one for residential new construction and commercial building projects, as well.


A HERS Rater is required to have an Environmental Protection Agency, or (EPA) certification that allows him to work with refrigerant containing components. Please see HERS Verifications for further details. Also, it’s not uncommon to find a HERS Rater who holds certifications outside of the scope of standard HERS testing. For example, the National Comfort Institute, or (NCI) has certification programs which include residential air balancing, light commercial air balancing, and duct optimization. Building Performance Institute or (BPI) is another organization that provides certification programs, which include optimizing home performance, increasing energy savings, and reducing health hazards. Though these organizations have different applications, they hold the same value when it comes to reducing energy cost and maximizing building comfort. Here at Grizzly HERS Testing, our HERS Raters collectively use each one of these certifications on every job looking for ways to make your home perform better.